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Welcome, welcome, welcome to Into the Wild, the first Wild Exclusive Hearthstone podcast on the information superhighway.  Thanks for checking out our website!

Into the Wild was born on January 1, 2018!  While there were a ton of Standard Hearthstone podcasts, there wasn't a Wild one.  So... we made the show we wanted to listen to!  Join us each week as we discuss Hearthstone news, meta, decks, and have very special guests, all related to the Wild format of Hearthstone!



Craig is the creator of Into the Wild, the first Wild exclusive Hearthstone podcast on the information superhighway!  He is the self-proclaimed best looking man in the Wild Community.

When he's not playing Hearthstone, he is either scratching himself or cuddling with Big Debo. 

Craig first made Legend in February, 2018.

Twitter: @CraigofCanada
Bnet: IntoTheWild#11394 (NA)


SaucyMailman is a twitch streamer and wild Hearthstone content creator. He has been playing Hearthstone since vanilla and is at home playing control and weird combo decks.

When not playing hearthstone he can be found hanging out with his parrot Jace or sorting his MTG collection.

Saucy first made Legend in March, 2017.

Twitter: @Saucymailman
Bnet: SaucyMailman#1882 (NA)