Counting Down Boomsday

In the past few months, Wild has been having a resurgence of players and decks are now more powerful as ever. With the introduction of cards such as Bloodreaver Guldan, Reno Jackson, and the bane of our past Patches the Pirate, Wild has seen the rise and fall of multiple decks. While on the ladder players may experience the same matches over and over again in the Aggro Paladins, Renolocks, Taunt Warriors that things start to feel similar, boring, and outright dull.

Well that's why I'm here today. My aim with this series is to introduce a slew of interesting off-meta decks that are not only fun, but are also somewhat ladder viable(results may vary). So in the advent of The Boomsday Project, I thought the best deck to initially highlight would be a crazy one that fits the theme of hilarity, outright nonsensical mayhem, and explosiveness. I am proud to produce my very own Boomsday Project:

Precognition's Boomsday Project.png

Yes, you aren't seeing things. This is the amalgamation of multiple ideas stacking and synergizing witb one another. We have three main packages that we run in this deck. Mainly Dragon, N'zoth, and C'thun. Here we will be discussing each package and how each card functions in the deck.

N'zoth Package: The core late game package if all else fails. Chock full of sticky minions and sustained threats.

  1. Bone Drake: The neutral Savannah Highmane that contributes additional Dragon synergy to our deck, boasting high attack that can usually double or even triple trade into an enemy board.
  2. Dr. Boom: It wouldn't be Boomsday without the good Doctor. While we wait and see if his new reincarnation will see play, his old self still fulfills multiple roles from providing a triple-threat-- removal, Frost Lich Jaina synergy, and immediate board presence.
  3. Sludge Belcher: Still and most likely will be an always great defensive minion that provides a second defensive body.
  4. Rotten Applebaum: Similar to Sludge Belcher, our Applebaum provides us a defensive threat that also isn't susceptible to Priest's removal.
  5. Mad Scientist: Solid two-drop that trades well in the early game not to mention it cheats out one of our two secrets.
  6. Mistress of Mixtures: Our only one-drop in the deck. Acts as another one of our early sustain/stall tools to survive any aggression we face, damn Paladins.
  7. Sindragosa: A great insurance policy to contest the board. Serves usually the same purpose as Dr. Boom, but also has Dragon synergy and instead of dealing damage to an enemy character, instead we get additional threats through a 3/6 Water Elemental AND a random legendary.
  8. N'zoth, the Corruptor: One of our possible win conditions through building a massive board of stats and value.

Dragon Package: A hybrid offensive/defensive package that can stall the game and maintain the board through effective trades and synergies.

  1. Twilight Guardian: Mage doesn't like getting hit in the face early. This is another one of our defensive minions to combat the early game.
  2. Sindragosa: If drawn early, serves as an activator for our other Dragon cards.
  3. Blackwing Corruptor: People tell me this is just a Frostbolt without the Freeze that comes with a 5/4 body. And to those people, you are absolutely correct. A great body with removal tacked onto it.
  4. Bone Drake: Additional value and activator.

C'thun Package: Minions that provide stable pressure and removal through Battlecries. 

  1. Beckoner of Evil: River Crocolisk that empowers our 10 mana Arcane Missiles. Great early game minion for trading and can usually take a hit or two before she hits the dust.
  2. Disciple of C'thun: While feeble, the Battlecry serves as removal, empowerment, and early board.
  3. C'thun's Chosen: A great minion that almost always trades two-for-one that grows our Arcane Missiles.
  4. Doomcaller: Our Arcane Missiles died? Let's bring him back then. IT'S ALIIIVEE!!! Again.
  5. Twilight Elder: Calls immediate answer else a growing threat. Has an above average body for its cost. Should usually tick at least twice before dying.
  6. Omega Arcane Missiles: Our second win condition. With each servant's battlecry going off once each, we can have a 10 mana deal 15 damage and potentially more with Doomcaller.

Overall, Wild truly is an insane place and as many people like to call it, is truly the deckbuilder's dream. While some decks may not always have the same success, that's the fun with it. Making it better, striving to improve it, piece by piece. Wild deck ideas such as these are an example of what the format has to offer in terms of diversity and how you should always expect the unexpected. And like you, I too can't wait for the Boomsday Project for the additions to this and maybe a new mad deck idea will emerge. As always, good luck and have fun.