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As you've heard on our show, there's an awesome parody song at the end of each episode (How does Craig do it?!).  Here are some of our songs.  If you'd like access to ALL of the songs, you can download them from our Patreon! 

Official Blizzard Content

Blizzard has some amazing FREE content on their website, and we are sharing that here as well.  You can find these and more on their website www.PlayHearthstone.com.  

Kobolds & Catacombs #1 "Up Comes Down"

Kobolds & Catacombs #1
"Up Comes Down"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #1 "Undeath Conquers All"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #1
"Undeath Conquers All"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #2 "Forest for the Weary"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #2
"Forest for the Weary"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #3 "Freedom"

Knights of the Frozen Throne #3

Guest Appearances

We have some pretty amazing friends, and from time to time we get to hang out with them on their podcasts!  Check out our guest appearances!


Show: Craig & Co.

Episode: 34 "What A Wonderful Kind of Day"

Radio Circus Unite!

Craig & Producer Stead go “Into The Wild” this week with fellow podcaster Craig Lalonde.

We talk about Craig’s favourite TV shows, Morgan Freeman impressions, how to spell things properly and more!

Link: http://new.radiocircus.net/craigandcopod/


Show: Hero Power

Episode: 122 "What A Wild Ride It Is!"

This week Avanties, Zerotio, and Virsica are joined by NateWolfeHS from the Into the Wild podcast to focus the discussion on Wild Fest.  They also discuss the recent announcement of The Year of the Raven and the Wild Brawliseum tavern brawl.

During the play portion of the show we check out a Wild Maly Druid deck brought by Nate.

Link: www.heropowerhs.com

Tier 5 300.jpg

Show: Tier 5

Episode: 54 "Parental Guidance"

With Rod on vacation, Nate has come on to talk with Adam about what he has been up to on his podcast Into The Wild, recent hotfixes to the game, and parenting as a hearthstone player! 

Link: https://tier5podcast.podbean.com

1600 Dust 300.png

Show: 1600 Dust

Episode: 80 "Another Legend That Isn't One of Us"

The crew welcomes Nate Wolfe from the Into the Wild podcast to congratulate him on his newly achieved Legend status, amidst other personal accomplishments.

Link: www.1600Dust.com

Happy Hearthstone 300.png

Show: The Happy Hearthstone

Episode: 122 "Wolfe vs. Wild"

Today, I'm joined by Nate Wolfe from Into the Wild! We discuss the live balance changes in Hearthstone as well as what it looks like to master priorities in the life of a gamer. If you've ever felt like you're caught between the two worlds of "gaming" and "everything else," you'll want to hear everything that we've learned to take care of yourself and push yourself towards achieving your goals in Hearthstone.

Link: www.TheHappyHearthstone.com

Happy Hearthstone 300.png

Show: The Happy Hearthstone

Episode: 104 "Deck Selection Perfection"

Main Topic - How To Find Your Perfect Deck

  • Why is it important to play decks you like and enjoy.
  • What are our current “perfect deck(s)” (Craig’s - OTK Rogue, Big Druid and Demon Zoo in Wild)
  • No mattter the meta, there is a perfect deck for you
  • Tech Cards! Add a couple cards you enjoy playing with (some exceptions)
  • Card of the Week: Aya Blackpaw

Link: www.TheHappyHearthstone.com

Daring Reporter 300.jpg

Show: The Daring Reporter

Episode: 19 "21-Flannel Salute"

As the community says goodbye to Ben Brode as the flannel-clad leader of Team 5, we take note of the meta discussions surrounding the ranked ladder and the decks that podcast hosts have been trying. Our interview this week is with Nate Wolfe from Into the Wild! Listen as he recounts his transition to joining his podcast, and hear his thoughts about the United Hearthstone League.

Link: https://thedaringreporter.podbean.com


Show: Blizzlet

Episode: 45 "Simply Having a Wonderful WILD Time"

Daniel (Stormraige23_hs) Shelden, Lord Gribas (@Lordgribas) and Jack (Maione) Johnson, are joined by the boys from Into The Wild (@NateWolfeHS and @CraigofCanada) and is it a hell of a time. We discuss possible upcoming nerfs, a brief update on the United Hearthstone League, why we should pay attention to Wild, and HOW BIG ARE CRAIGS FEET?!

Link: https://twitter.com/blizzlet


Show: The Clock

Episode: 6 "You Must Attack the Minion with Taunt"

Join Levi, Mike, Beaker and Nate Wolfe as they talk about their weeks in Hearthstone, a deep dive on the role of tech cards in Hearthstone, your weekly #teamtimepiece UHL update and more on this episode of The Clock: A Hearthstone Podcast.

Link: Twitter.com/TheClockHS


Show: Realm Maintenance

Episode: 259 "A Talk on the Wild Side"

Craig and Nate from Into the Wild join Rho to talk about their show and the state of Hearthstone’s Wild format. Also, find out how you can win one of 15 Battle for Azeroth beta keys being given away this week!

Link: https://realm-maintenance.com