Blutrane has been an avid hearthstone player since the game's initial public release. A Self proclaimed disrupt-er wannabe, you can usually find him between ranks 5 and 1 on the wild ladder playing something off meta or of his own creation, graciously helping his opponents as they journey to legend by handing out copious numbers of wins.

When not playing Hearthstone, Blutrane enjoys listening to, playing jazz. and is a frequent attendee of hearthstone's gold card crafters anonymous support group.

Blutrane's "MII" looks frighteningly similar to his real likeness:P

Twitter: @Blutrane


Itinerant Wizard

Itinerant Wiz AKA Roger joined the Hearthstone community during the Un'goro meta and was immediately hooked. He loves trying anything and everything, but Druid is his favorite class. Outside of Hearthstone, he's a lifelong D&D player/DM and loves to read. Professionally, he manages a team of software engineers at TripAdvisor.

Twitter: @itinerantwizard



Kensanity has been playing Hearthstone since the beta when Mind control didn't cost 10 mana. While he's hit legend multiple times in standard and a couple of times in Wild, he will always be known for

Besides Hearthstone, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife or playing other games.

Twitter: @kensanityHS
Podcast: Hearthstone Deck Techs


Direst Bear

Bear started playing Hearthstone when it first released. He is an avid cardback collector and swears he will one day reach the highest level of HCT just to obtain the Golden Celebration cardback. He runs Fireside Gatherings in the Metro Detroit area with PFG Firesides and manages his family’s gaming website (profamilygaming). He enjoys murlocs, beasts, and long walks in Naxxramas.

Outside of Hearthstone, he enjoys spending time with the family, working on other projects, and playing other games.

Twitter: @DirestBear
Affiliation: Pro Family Gaming


Wicked Good

WickedGood has been playing card games since the first time he saw a Magic: The Gathering display at the comic book shop in 1994. A deckbuilder and student of the game of Hearthstone, you can hear his thoughts on his commute home on his podcast Off Curve, as well as speaking at ill-advised lengths about all the cards of each new Hearthstone expansion alongside Andrew Brown at the Happy Hearthstone.

Twitter: @WickedGood
Affiliation: Off Curve Podcast


Rod Johnston

Even though he's a rocket scientist by trade, Rod doesn't enjoy much more in this world than video games and talking. So what's better than combining the two and talking about video games? The answer to this question is nothing! With this sound reasoning, Rod helped start up the Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast. And you thought he talked a lot before... Rod has been playing video games since the Atari 2600, and Hearthstone is his latest and greatest obsession. Whenever he has an opportunity to play, Rod is usually playing Hearthstone. When Hearthstone isn't on the menu, Rod can usually be found hanging with his wife in Denver Colorado, just enjoying the things like movies and friends. And the animals...oh, so many animals....

Twitter: @rod_johnston
Affiliation: Tier5 Podcast, Enter the Iris Podcast, Geek Aid Podcast


Saucy Mailman

Hello there friend, my name is SaucyMailman and I am an internet personality and Twitch streamer. I am a multi-legend ranked Hearthstone player for Kyoto Esports and while I do stream many other games, Hearthstone is my main focus and where most of my energy goes to. I am very active and stream 5-6 days a week on average. My streams are very humorous and full of inappropriate nonsense and shenanigans but still include high level play and commentary. I try to not only be entertaining but educational as well.

I have been streaming since April of 2016 and have steadily been building a strong and all inclusive community full of awesome people such as yourself. I stream not only because I enjoy playing games but because I love meeting  and getting to know so many amazing and different people that our gaming communities have within them.

Twitter: @saucymailman
Affiliation: Kyoto esports, Geek Aid Podcast



Appa is a high-level Hearthstone player who comes from a background of competition. Starting with Magic: the Gathering in high school, he found a deep love for the strategy and community of card games. Starting during The Grand Tournament in 2015, Appa quickly realized a love for Hearthstone and decides he wanted to be a top-level player and has been pursuing that goal ever since. Above all though, he loves to talk about the game and you can find him talking about Hearthstone every week at the Coin Concede podcast.

Twitter: @Appa_HS
Affiliation: Crescent esports, Coin Concede Podcast


Jellee Cat

Jellie began gaming as a competitive Magic player and was a regular fixture in the Legacy scene (One of Magic’s Eternal formats, akin to Wild.) He began playing competitive Hearthstone about six months ago and has taken a lot of the lessons he learned from MTG with him to Hearthstone. His experience paid off in the 2018 Wild Open in which he managed a Top 8 finish in the qualifier. Jellie can often be found somewhere between Rank 5 and Legend on the NA ladder. When he’s not playing Hearthstone, he can be found twisting balloons or spending time with his wife and baby daughter.

Twitter: @JelleeCat


Keith Numbers

Keith is a Wild Hearthstone streamer. Despite barely knowing how to count, he frequently finishes top 10 Legend on the Wild Leaderboard. Watch Keith play Hearthstone and make other questionable life decisions at

Twitter: @keithnumbershs