Supporting the Show

The reason we developed a Patreon page was to seek your assistance in the financial aspect of running a podcast.  We absolutely love to create content on a weekly basis, but we incur expenses through web domain name and hosting fees, equipment and software fees, etc.

That being said, we wouldn't want to ask you for your hard earned cash without providing some sort of awesome reward in exchange!  Yes, there are the normal things like shout outs and thank yous, but we put our heads together and came up with some really fun exclusive benefits as well, that ONLY patrons will have access to.  Please take a look through our reward tiers and let us know what you think!

Thank you to our Patrons!

Thank you so much for supporting Into the Wild!  We couldn't do it without you!

  • Wild Card
  • Blutrane
  • Shokunin
  • Burnt
  • Roger Alix-Gadreau
  • Basic
  • Stark Maximum
  • BeardyMan
  • Zerotio from the Hero Power Podcast
  • Drew Morin AKA Rip City Rogue from Portland Firesides
  • Beefsquatch
  • NateDogg
  • MattAtArms
  • Adam Westhusing


  • Shout out on the Show & Name listed on website as Patron
  • Access to Patron Only Discord Channel
  • Access to Show Notes and Full-Size Infographics 
Extra Showchugger.png


  • Access to Bonus Episodes (Approx. 3 per month)
  • Access to Blog Posts “What I’m Laddering With” (decklists, codes, how to pilot)
  • Entry into Monthly Prize Drawing
  • Plus Previous Tier(s)
Co-Piloted Shredder.png


  • 1 hour Coaching session once per month with either host
  • Plus Previous Tier(s)
Whirling Rap-O-Matic.png


  • Choose 1 of the following per Expansion
    • Personalized Song/You Pick Song
    • Personalized/Custom Photoshop
  • Plus Previous Tier(s)
Blingtroducer 3000.png


  • You become of one of the Producers of the Show!  Once per Expansion, you get to:
    • Choose the Guest (we’ll get them if possible, may not be possible)
    • Be the Guest, if you’d like
    • Pick the Deck, if you’d like
    • Choose topics of discussion
    • Etc.
  • Plus Previous Tier(s)
Ultimate Patron.png


  • You're named Executive Producer of the show and get a special shout-out at the beginning of each episode
  • Plus Previous Tier(s)